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It’s not the guest stars and the cameos that keep us coming back to “Entourage” season after season, but they certainly keep things interesting. While our main boys play characters on the HBO program, which follows the L.A. exploits of movie star Vince Chase and his entourage of best friends, the celebrity guest stars play themselves—albeit highly dramatized versions.

Every episode, a new selection of Hollywood A-listers caricature themselves in their hilarious appearances, and we can’t wait to see who this season brings. To prepare for the season 8 premiere this Sunday, we’ve listed our favorite celeb appearances of seasons past.

Mandy Moore
Unlike lots of other actors, Mandy Moore’s appearance on the show casts the singer/actress in a positive light. As Vince’s ex-girlfriend who he’s still totally in love with, we see a sweet, vulnerable side of the movie star who usually gets whatever girl he wants.

Zac Efron
Zac only shows up for a few minutes in season 6, but his straight-faced performance had us laughing out loud. In his cameo, he ditches his agent because the guy had promised Disney Zac would do a shirtless lunchbox. A mom with a tween daughter overhears the conversations and buts in “I’d buy that lunchbox.” So would we… so would we.


High quality screen captures of Zac Efron appearing in one of the episodes of “Entourage” have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the pics!

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Episode #9 – Security Briefs [HQ] (x55)

Enjoy the newest episode of “Entourage” in which Zac Efron makes a cameo. Screen captures are currently being uploaded.

Two brand new stills of Zac Efron starring in HBO’s “Entourage” have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the pics!

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Stills (x2)

With the “Entourage” episode where Zac Efron makes a cameo approaching, a new still is released as a teaser. The teen heartthrob takes a break from talking on his cell phone to greet Darcy Fowers who is playing a character named Lori. His episode is titled “Security Briefs” and will air on HBO on September 13 at 10.30/9.30c.

Zac filmed his part at Niketown in Beverly Hills on June 2 morning before the store opened. An employee of the store testified, “He was filming a scene and talking on his cell phone. None of the other ‘Entourage’ cast was here. He was really nice.”

On how he will be intertwined in the story, the synopsis reveals that “after Ari steals teen heartthrob Zac Efron from Adam Davies, Davies counters by offering Lloyd a job as an agent.” Also in the episode, the guys step up their security following a suspicious break-in. Drama follows up on an insider tip on Vince’s suspected stalker and Ashley grows increasingly suspicious of Eric. [Source]