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Being a young, internationally famous singer, dancer, and actor would probably be fairly awesome. Except for the part where you get hit in the nuts. Zac Efron is pretty popular. But on ‘Lopez Tonight’ (weeknights, 11PM ET on TBS), he showed up to discuss his role in the new film ‘Charlie St. Cloud.’ Unfortunately, part of his acting job during the film involved being hit in the crotch. With a baseball.

During his conversation with host George Lopez, Zac revealed that it only took one take to do the crotch-hitting scene. That’s good. We’d hate to have to think about Zac being hit in the groin over and over again. Then, Zac moved on to discussing previous crotch troubles that he’d had in his past. This conversation involved the mention of a game that he played in high school, which involved hitting other people in the groin. According to Zac, this game was called “Sack Tap.” [Source]

When it was announced earlier this year that “High School Musical” actor Zac Efron had signed on to star in the film adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis’ “Fire,” it’s fair to say that more than a few eyebrows were raised. Call us pleasantly surprised, however, when we learned that Efron is not only a big Bendis fan, but that he has a solid grasp on the character and can’t wait to start production on the film.

“Brian Bendis is writing a script right now,” Efron told MTV News of the “Fire” production status, while promoting his latest film, “Charlie St. Cloud.” “I don’t know when we are getting a draft exactly. But I know that he’s having a blast and Brian is one of my favorite writers. I’m really looking forward to that, we’ll see what happens.”

Efron went on to say that what he’s most excited about in tackling the character Ben – a college student recruited by the CIA who later discovers he’s been marked for termination by his employers – is the opportunity to step outside himself, along with his repertoire of boy-next-door roles.

“You know the character, he’s not afraid,” Efron said. “You know me in life I have a lot of rules. There is a lot of stuff I can’t do because I would never want to take those risks so to speak.”

“As much as I’m a thrill-seeker, I don’t really get into fights,” he explained. “I’m not a renegade kind of guy. And that’s what this character is.”

Efron added that he plans to take full advantage of his character’s edgy existence.

“I’m definitely going to live vicariously through this character,” he said. “And experience things I can’t do in real life.” [Source]

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At this point in his career, Zac Efron can take on pretty much any film role, endorsement, reading of the phone book, etc., and his die-hard fans will line up to see him. With such enthusiastic supporters, it could be easy to take them for granted and sign on to whatever project suits his fancy. When MTV News caught up with the teen heartthrob, however, we learned that this is not the case. When asked why he took on his role in “Charlie St. Cloud,” out this Friday, instead of another musical, for example, Efron revealed that he puts a lot of thought into his fans’ wishes.

“I was trying to figure that out for so long,” Efron admitted. “What do the fans want to see? I could do another musical. I could stick to my guns and try to do more of that. Try and do another cool musical and try to stick with that genre. Is that really what the fans want to see? I mean everyone is like, ‘How can you make that transition? How are you going to get the fans to follow you into this new kind of stuff?'”

Efron said he doesn’t think it’s the responsibility of his fans to follow him, rather it’s his responsibility to stay relevant. “The only way that I know how to do that is to stay a little bit ahead of the audience. Experience life, make movies about those experiences, and by the time the audience catches up, and maybe realizes that life isn’t always like ‘High School Musical,’ maybe they will have a movie that helps them through that next challenge that they face in life.”

The forward-thinking 22-year-old added that he’d prefer his career to be based in that kind of relevance, rather than what he thinks is fun. “I don’t want to look back and say I just made movies because it was fun, you know? I want to make movies because it’s challenging and it’s an opportunity to help people. Otherwise it’s just, you know, kind of selfish, I think.” [Source]

The 22-year-old actor dished on “Live with Regis and Kelly” about going to see a few shows before his promo schedule took flight. Zac shared, “I went to see Corbin in his show [In The Heights]. Go see it, he’s so amazing. He just really, really nails that part [of Usnavi]. I’m just so proud of him up there on stage.” [Source]

Zac Efron is all grown up. And he knows exactly how to prove it.

“Eventually I’ll be getting to adult-adult (entertainment), for real. But baby steps,” the actor deadpans.

Don’t fret, Efronistas. He’s only kidding. Efron, 22, still remains his wholesome, hunky self. But the actor with the gleaming blue eyes and immaculately spiked hair, who broke through as studly varsity basketball captain Troy Bolton in Disney’s “High School Musical” trilogy, is gradually scoring more mature roles.

On Friday, he headlines the drama “Charlie St. Cloud,” a family flick starring Efron as a sailing prodigy with a scholarship to Stanford whose entire future collapses amid the accidental death of his beloved younger brother. And the film, which deals with debilitating isolation and loss, has nary a musical number, which is one of the many reasons the project resonated with Efron.

“It seemed like someone I could play. There were a lot of scripts I was getting with guys that were too cool, you know? Not only am I not that person, why would I pretend to be that person?” Efron says. “Charlie was a character I felt I could bring something to. Having a little brother, having goals and aspirations, loving sports, all that kind of stuff just made sense to me. For me, a huge part of my life is family, my mom and dad and brother. Charlie St. Cloud was a chance for me to dream and say, ‘What if I didn’t have that?'” [Continue reading and watch the video]

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