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Zac Efron is ready to let the world know which team he’s rooting for in “The Twilight Saga” battle – Robert Pattinson’s character, the vampire Edward Cullen, or Taylor Lautner’s, the werewolf Jacob Black.

“I need to catch up. I need to see the last film before I can fully decide,” Efron told “Based on the first one, I think Team Edward for sure. I haven’t seen the latest ones yet, but I will.” [Source]

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In just a few short years, he’s gone from being a kid doing supporting roles…to being the leading man in his own movies! His latest movie, ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ opens july 30th… and today Zac Efron joins us on the Morning News! [Source]

Enjoy watching Zac Efron behind the scenes of his photoshoot for PARADE.

Zac Efron takes a moment to give Lindsay Lohan his support at the LA premiere of “Charlie St. Cloud.”

Hollywood movie star Zac Efron talks to Gyantunplugged about his new film “Charlie St. Cloud.”

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Enjoy watching Zac Efron attending the premiere of “Charlie St. Cloud” on 20 July 2010!

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