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Two new promotional clips from “That Awkward Moment” have been released, watch them below:

Zac and his co-stars from “That Awkward Moment” were out promoting the movie at Twitter and Facebook headquarters last week. We apologize for the late update – there are still a lot of things we need to work on, specially on the gallery, so please bear with us while we try to get everything up-to-date.

Zac EfronZac EfronZac EfronZac Efron

Zac EfronZac EfronZac EfronZac Efron

I have added HD captures of Zac presenting at the People’s Choice Awards earlier this month with a special thanks to Bri for providing them to us!

InStyle has published an article about Zac on their website, in which they talk about his impeccable manners during his latest interview for the magazine. Read it below:

When we sent our intrepid writer Mary H.K. Choi to interview the lovely Zac Efron at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont for the February issue of InStyle (on newsstands now), she knew he’d be a nice guy, but she had no idea how nice. “Yep, it’s true. He’s a gentleman,” she says. “He stood up when I arrived and was clearly slightly early because I was right on time. He offered to share his roasted artichoke and when I said it didn’t qualify as sharing food, he countered with ‘they’re just like nachos.’ At the end of the meal he lunged for the check and insisted on paying, saying it was ‘customary.’” Zac’s take on all this? “It’s just the way I am, the way I was raised,” he says.

He also offered up these polite bites to satiate your appetite for good, old-fashioned etiquette:

Respect your elders.
“This one’s important. You always have something to learn from people who have been through more than you. Be open and receptive to what they know.”

If you meet a girl’s parents, treat them like they’re normal people.
“Ask questions. Be engaged. Put yourself in their shoes. If I had a daughter and some guy came home with her, I’d be on him like a hawk. When I meet people’s parents I know my place. It’s not that hard. Just be sensitive.”

Get your face out of your phone.
“Please. Be in the moment and be present. I feel disconnected like I don’t know where I am if I’m on my phone too much. I’m also just the type to call. I’m not good on text.”

Be punctual.
“I do my best with this one. It’s part of being decent and respectful but I’m not in control of the schedule most of the time.”

Finally, don’t be that guy.
“If there’s a party and they won’t let me friends in. I’d leave. No question. Who wouldn’t leave. I wouldn’t want to go to that party. That’s a lame party.”

Souce: InStyle

Zac has announced via Twitter that he’ll be answering fans’ questions along with “That Awkward Moment” co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller this monday. Make sure you send him yours!

Zac is featured in the newest issue of Glamour Magazine, along with “That Awkward Moment” co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller. Scans from the issue have been added to our gallery.

Zac EfronZac Efron

Our photo gallery has been updated with high quality images of Zac at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards (more coming soon!), check them out:

Zac EfronZac EfronZac EfronZac Efron

Zac was spotted grocery shopping at Gelsons in Los Feliz, CA on his skateboard on January 5th. The images have been uploaded to our photo gallery.

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Several brand new outtakes of Zac Efron from a photoshoot taken for the Flaunt magazine have been added to the gallery. Enjoy viewing them!

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