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Enjoy watching a brand new commercial from John John Denim and viewing high quality screen captures!

Gallery link:
[2012] John John Denim Commercial (x52)

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Today’s October 18th, which means we celebrate Zac Efron’s 25th birthday! Happy birthday Zac!!! May all your wishes come true! Have fun during this special day!

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As there is absolutely nothing new with Zac Efron now, I decided to make screen captures from his recent appearances at Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Enjoy the pics below!

Gallery links:
[2012: 10/4] Jimmy Kimmel Live! (x192)
[2012: 10/4] The Ellen DeGeneres Show (x120)

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Zac Efron looks cute in a suit on the cover of November’s Backstage magazine. In the interview – he talks about his career and being in “The Paperboy.” The almost 25-year-old shows he doesn’t have an ego.

He says, “I might not be the greatest actor, but I walk in to every project willing to work hard. There are a lot of people who can slide on talent their whole lives; they’re just naturally gifted. I’ve never considered myself one of those people. I enjoy outworking the opposition.”

As for playing Jack Jansen in “The Paperboy” – he admits he didn’t understand the character.

“It’s crucial for me to be finding roles that I don’t necessarily have the answers to. I’m proud to say I was courageous enough to step into a part I didn’t fully understand and followed my director blindly.”

What will fans see next of Zac? He’ll be in the small budget film “At Any Price” with Dennis Quaid.

He says, “The theme of the movie is get big or get out. That’s sort of the way I describe how a lot of people in Hollywood approach their careers—take the bigger movie for more money that people will see. Take the franchise, the part in your wheelhouse. But that’s not my goal. Instead of get big or get out, my goal is to get good and stay.”

He adds, “It’s not that I’m opposed to doing a big-budget action movie. But it has to be the right project. I don’t know that I’ve earned the right to hold a gun, if that makes sense. I need to pay my dues.” [Source]

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Zac Efron has a new co-star in “Are We Officially Dating?” Deborah Ann Woll, who plays vampire Jessica Hamby on HBO’s “True Blood,” has signed up for the romantic comedy, which follows three male friends in New York City who make a pledge to stay single just as each of them starts to fall in love. Woll’s character is the ex-wife of one of the trio at the center of the film, which Tom Gormican is directing from a script he wrote. Production starts next month. Woll, who recently appeared in Ruby Sparks, is repped by CAA. [Source]

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Millennium Entertainment’s R-rated erotic thriller “The Paperboy” starring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman, took in $110,033 from 11 screens for a $10,033 per-screen average, TheWrap said.

Lee Daniels (“Precious”) directed and adapted the screenplay from Pete Dexter’s 1995 novel. It tells the story of a young man (Efron) helping a reporter (Matthew McConaughey) uncover the truth about a death row inmate (John Cusack), who might have been wrongly convicted. In the process, he falls for the convict’s lover (Kidman).

“The Paperboy” debuted to mixed reviews in competition at Cannes this year, with much of the media attention focused on a scene in which Kidman’s urinates on Efron (to treat a jellyfish sting).

Also opening this week was “Butter,” from the Weinstein Company’s video-on-demand label Radius, melted. It took in just $70,653 from 90 theaters, a weak $785 per-screen average. The satire was produced by and stars Jennifer Garner. It played festivals in Toronto, Telluride and the Hamptons last year, and has been available on video on for more than a month.

Oscilloscope’s “Wuthering Heights” took in $8,785 from one New York theater in its bow.

Among other specialty releases, Lionsgate’s “Perks of Being a Wallflower added $1.5 million from 221 locations, a $6,901 per-screen average that upped its domestic gross to $3.3 million after three weeks. Roadside Attractions’ “Arbitrage” added $626,000 from 245 screens in its fourth week, a $2,557 per-screen average. That raises its domestic gross to $6 million. China Lion’s “Vulgaria” made $11,000 from nine screens for a $1,222 per-screen average. [Source]

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Director Lee Daniels felt “scared” for Zac Efron during the filming of saucy new movie “The Paperboy” because he feared the former “Disney boy” would not be able to cope with the tough environment on set.

The acclaimed moviemaker admits he had doubts about hiring the “High School Musical” actor to star opposite Nicole Kidman in the racy drama, which features scenes of sex and violence, because the story is so far removed from his previous clean-cut roles.

When asked if any part of him had doubts about Efron, Daniels tells The Hollywood Reporter, “Well, yeah. Every part of me.”

He adds, “I was so scared for Zac because he came from another world. Zac’s a Disney boy. It wasn’t really about the acting, as I thought I could get the actor out of him, but whether he had it in him to work in the environment that I create that ultimately makes the magic on the screen.” [Source]

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Zac Efron has been featured in the October issue of Backstage. Enjoy the scans below!

Gallery link:
Backstage (October 2012) (x4)

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Enjoy viewing a brand new poster from “The Paperboy”!

Gallery link:
Posters (x1)

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