By Thursday, September 10th, 2009 • News & Rumors - Maddie  

Zanessa’s reps and sources close to Zac Efron (the real ones) has denied the news of Zanessa’s breakup which invaded the Internet a few days ago. In the October issue of the Allure magazine, Vanessa Hudgens has confirmed that she and Zac are doing very well. Glad to hear it!

Anyway, I will seriously think about not posting such rumours (Zanessa’s split every four weeks) as they are so repetitive and boring. Sorry guys!

  • Sep 10lOUISE94 says:  

    Yay! Zanessa are the cutest couple ever!!!

  • Sep 11sofiasofia says:  

    Yeah, Maddie, probably it’s better not to post such fake and silly rumors anymore.
    They’re getting boring and repetitive.
    It seems the people who work in tabloids haven’t original ideas anymore, lol!;D

  • Sep 11erick says:  

    I was talking about it earlier! You’re absolutely right, you don’t have to post such rumors! ) A – there’s not a word of the truth in these messages and B – as you said, it’s boring.

  • Sep 14kimberley says:  

    where can you get this infomation from cuz havent seen it anywere else yet

  • Sep 16Cesca says:  

    Yeahhhh……that is a very good newss….even i heard about that rumour :(…zanessa are soo perfect for each other…i loveee you zanessaaaa….


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