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When interviewing Zac Efron about his new flick “The Lucky One,” my highest priority was making sure his footy allegiances were correct. You’ve got to be on your game when new fry comes into town and snap up their support before the others beat you to it. Armed with a Port Adelaide platinum membership, I raised the prospect of him joining the world’s greatest footy team and he was all over it. Jumping out of his seat with excitement, I had scored.

“I’ve never been to an AFL game before,” the heartthrob gushed. “This is it now, I’ve done everything there is to do in Australia.”

So I had him signed up – now all I needed to do was deck him out in the prized jumper. I thought this would be the easy sell, after all he looks good in anything but especially teal, and having recently bulked up by 7kg for his role as war hero Logan Thibault in the Scott Hicks flick, his biceps were always going to work well in the Port Adelaide jumper.

And then came the hitch, in the form of his management. There was no way they were letting him strip off in the middle of Adelaide’s Rendezvous Allegra Hotel and peel on the jumper. Woe is me.

Manager aside, Efron’s enthusiasm for his new team was obvious.

“Oh man this is awesome, I’ve got to get to a game,” he said.

For one of young Hollywood’s greatest stars, Efron is grounded, humble and a good sport. More power to you Zac, and best of luck with your new flick.

“The Lucky One” opens in cinemas across Adelaide on Thursday. [Source]

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