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Actor Zac Efron made a surprise appearance at the end of “Take a Bow,” a retirement tribute show for Robyn Metchik, drama teacher at Nipomo High and Mesa and Paulding Middle schools, at the Clark Center for the Performing Arts on Friday night. Efron, who was a student of Metchik at Paulding and at Arroyo Grande High School, had flown to California on Thursday to surprise Metchik at the show.

He has been touring to promote his current movie, “The Lucky One,” at its European premiere and appearing on talk shows.

Efron initially appeared in a video projected on the Clark Center stage, explaining that he could not be there to present her a handmade award done on a posterboard. As the video neared its end, Efron said he would “see what (he) could do,” to give Metchik the award. Appearing to walk off screen, Efron then walked on stage to a surprised Metchik.

After the tribute show, Efron met with Metchik’s current students backstage — who performed with alumni who organized the program — and then attended a reception in her honor. [Source]

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