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Attention, Wildcat fans: the star of “High School Musical” is officially all grown up. First, Zefron made waves when he accidentally dropped a condom onto the red carpet at the premiere of kiddie flick “The Lorax.” Now the 24-year-old actor is moonlighting as a bra-removal expert on Australian TV. He’s breaking free!

Hot30 Countdown hosts Mel Greig and Matty Acton loved Efron’s performance in the upcoming Nicholas Sparks adaptation “The Lucky One.” Greig was especially impressed by a scene in which Efron’s character unhooks co-star Taylor Schilling’s bra in one skilled flick.

Though Efron initially claimed ignorance — “I don’t even remember [doing] that,” he told his interviewers — he changed his tune when Greig pulled out a pink-and-black bit of lingerie. The TV presenter convinced Efron to show off his moves — and, with a single pinch-and-slide motion, its clasp came undone. [Source]

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