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Zac Efron’s latest co-star has admitted to Sky News she had no idea about the phenomenon that surrounded him when she took the part. Taylor Schilling makes her feature film debut in romantic drama “The Lucky One” alongside the teen heart-throb.

But the US actress revealed to Sky News that she has never watched “High School Musical” – the hugely successful film franchise which launched his career and gained him legions of female fans.

Schilling admitted: “I keep saying I am going to watch it and I still haven’t. I’m looking forward to it – as soon as this press tour is over.”

She added: “When I met him, I knew of his public persona but I was not aware of his work so we were really able to start from scratch together.”

Written by Nicholas Sparks, the man behind “The Notebook” and “Dear John,” the film features Efron as a young marine who returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq looking for a woman in a photograph. He found the picture after his friend was killed in action and credits it with helping him to stay alive.

Schilling stars as single working mother, Beth, who has has a lot of guards down because of a bad experience in a previous relationship and is at first sceptical about Efron’s character.

Known for his entourage of young admirers, Schilling told Sky News she has “never experienced anything like Zac’s fans”, adding that they had been “lovely to her”.

“I’ve not experienced any craziness. There’s screaming but sometimes I scream when I see Zac,” she said.

Schilling, who has previously worked on US TV series Mercy, told Sky News a role in London’s West End would be a dream.

Visiting London for the first time for the film’s premiere, Schilling admitted: “I am already fantasising about moving here.”

Directed by Scott Hicks and also starring Blythe Danner, “The Lucky One,” hits cinemas on May 2. [Source]

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