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Zac Efron has said that watching Vanessa Hudgens “beating the hell out of people” on the set of her new film was “incredibly hot”. The actor told USA Today that he went to see his girlfriend shoot “Sucker Punch,” a violent comic book adaptation where she has several fight scenes.

“She was in Vancouver, beating the hell out of people and stunt guys,” said Efron. “Watching your girlfriend do it, it’s incredibly hot, but at the same time, jealousy was just oozing out of every pore. She can do all the stuff you dream of when I was a kid. I was watching that. So cool. I was happy just to be on set.”

The star also said he could have continued on the easy teen movie circuit but being a star at such a young age “didn’t leave me with any appetite for success or fame”.

Efron added: “I couldn’t keep on that [teen] train. Sometimes the money is appealing. The notoriety does feel good. At certain times, I won’t say I haven’t fallen victim to both of those feelings.” [Source]

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